Best Daycares in Austin

Best Daycares in Austin

What are the best childcare providers in Austin? Those who make the safety of children their number one priority.

Anytime you put a group of kids in a single room together, germs are spread. These germs are left on surfaces everywhere. Toys, mats, play equipment, walls and let''s not forget floating through the air. Standard cleaning methods just aren''t enough.

UVtronics offers a Mobile Sterilization Service that uses germicidal UV technology. This service can disinfect areas of a room that go untouched by standard cleaning methods. This service is designed to decrease the number of sick days a child has per year, prevent flu and other extremely contagious viruses from spreading from room to room, and most importantly reduce the chance a child has of contracting MRSA or other superbugs that are deadly. Also, the air purification that comes with the service works wonders for children with asthma or allergies.

MRSA is responsible for the death of thousands of adults and children every year. Germicidal UV can eliminate MRSA in a matter of seconds.

Parents should demand the use of this technology in their child''s daycare! Please contact us to find out how you can help get this technology in your child''s daycare.

Recognizing Childcare Providers

Daycare''s that use this technology will receive free advertising on our website. When parents are searching for the right daycare, they will be able to find your listing on They will know that you are providing the safest environment possible for their child.

You will also receive free marketing material to let the community know you are doing your part to help make Austin a healthier and safer place to live.

Please contact us to find out how you can begin using UVtronics services immediately!