"herbal therapies"

Blood in the system is the basic carrier of oxygen to our organs to make them respond to stimuli from the brain and also vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and vital food for the body to grow and develop. Blood is the most important component of the human body without which sustenance becomes difficult. Blood however in the course of its traversing throughout the body gets in contact with many impurities and needs purification. These impurities are a result of direct intake from our food, the air we breathe which is polluted and several other factors. The purification of blood is done best by herbal blood purifiers”.

Most of the herbal therapies for purifying blood are based on vegetative products. Hence vegetable extracts taken either in the raw form as in juices or boiled and eaten as a supplement act the same way with more or less the same results. A number of herbal therapies exist for purifying blood and the chief component which is found aplenty in our daily markets is in the gourd family. The bitter gourds along with the leaves of the Margosa tree are the two main blood purifiers which are popular and which have been commercialized in the form of extracts. The juice of the raw bitter gourd if taken once in the morning daily on an empty stomach, serves the purpose of purifying blood extensively.

Blood impurification is best noticed when there is a spread of acne and pimples on the face resulting in an embarrassing situation. The little boil like eruptions is often painful. These boils often burst and give out a sticky discharge. When the boil dries up, there is a scar mark in the place that remains over a long period of time.

Herbal blood purifiers are absolutely essential for remaining healthy and also to retain a glowing skin all through. A course of herbal treatment usually lasts about 3-4 months till the impurities are weeded out, but a strict regimen of fat free less oil food is to be followed if the impurities are to be kept permanently away.