Massage in case of California and Chinese

Massage in case of California and Chinese

Massage California
The Californian massage is a technique for relaxation massage accessible to all, to practice with family or friends.

You reap the greatest benefits for your health and inner balance.

With long fluid and harmonious movements of effleurage and pressures that slide on perfumed oils, massage Californian takes different techniques of traditional massages of the world into a massage, which eliminates stress and eases muscle tension.

This massage, born in the 70s in the USA, takes place on the table, naked or in underclothes, and can be adapted sports massage, more toned.
Hot stone massage
An increasing number of institutes and centers offer spa massage with hot stones. They are to ask hot rollers on the body of coating perfumed vegetable oil for a relaxing effect.
Placed at strategic points, they promote muscle relaxation. C is pleasant, tempting, and it gives an hour and a half of rest.

Kalari massage

Kalari massage is a massage with essential oils. It can be given with hands or feet. It takes about an hour and regenerates the nervous system and muscle.

Starting from scalp to feet, is a series of effleurage, smoothing and targeted pressure, allowing the body to release smoothly through the repetition of movements. The lymphatic circulation, blood and energy is stimulated by work on the veins, channels energy and Marmi (vital points). Sitting, standing, lying, you''re stretched up and down.

The Chinese massage:

It is not just too rich foods which leads to overweight. For the Chinese, negative thoughts unbalance organs of digestion and block trade. The anxiety and rumination stagnant in the stomach. Sadness blocks the colon, kidney paralyzing fear, anger reached the liver.

Mild stomach drainage, passages strength in depth, but not violent on the legs, arms, back, buttocks. You feel wrung from everywhere. The legs deflate. rebalanced, kidney-bladder meridian vital energy boost, especially among people with depression or burnout. It starts with a feeling of lightness as much as anchor.

The good pace: five sessions are advised to assess the results and then adjusts the frequency to its needs.